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Remembering Doc
Opinion by: Addison B. Bachman Email


Dr. Gene Scott Ph.D.

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On February 21, 2005 the world lost the 2nd Greatest Christian Teacher ever commissioned and given by God.

There's no doubt God empowered Dr. Gene Scott to unfold and restore the age old mystery of what Luther called "Sola Fide" or Faith Alone, and to fulfill the Greatest Commission since Jesus walked the Earth. The commission? Taking that Good News of the Gospel (Faith Alone) to every corner of the Globe that the whole world would know Him who they denied or embraced. This task was a prophecy written in the book of Romans.

Rom 10:10-18

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him (Jesus) shall not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved.

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

But, they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world....

The late Dr. Gene Scott came to television in the mid-seventies after being voted in by the desperate church board members to save FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK, (The world's first television ministry) from corruption and bankruptcy. It wasn't long before he had fired and "Kicked the Mutha's out". including the likes of Paul & Jan Crouch and Jim & Tammy Baker!
Then God Took Dr. Gene Scott and the message of "Saved by Grace, Kept by Faith" WORLDWIDE! (Worldwide means every square inch of the planet, 24/7/365. No other person or broadcaster can make this claim)

"The Sword of the Lord
and of Gene!!!"


Like it or lump it,
love him or hate him,
Dr. Gene Scott's voice is the ONLY voice to have
penetrated the
ENTIRE SURFACE OF THE GLOBE with the message of Jesus Saves!

Church of the Open Door

Doc also located and saved the historic "Jesus Saves" signs (from on old sign graveyard), that once sat atop the now demolished Hope Street Church. He relocated them to the Los Angeles University Cathedral while under his ownership. I understand one of the signs has been removed and sent to the old Faith Center facility in Glendale, CA. I read on the "Jesus Saves Signs Blog" the other sign will remain with the new owners of the old United Artist theater.

"If You're going to be a
Christian, THEN BE ONE!"
- Dr. Gene Scott





Doc always said that "God raises a voice up every 400 years or so to save the message of Faith and Grace. 400 years ago it was Luther"

If these are the "Last Days", then
Dr. Scott's voice was the last one.

The Many Faces Of Dr. Scott

God is my Witness!
Addison "Big Brad" Bachman

God's Angry Man Too.

  • Dr. Gene Scott student since 1979

  • Pastoral Internship 84-89

  • Staff Member

  • Employee

  • Volunteer

  • Supporter

  • Spiritual Son

Doc and I at Chasens Restaurant




Joseph Cortes Saving Dr. Scott's Legacy Through Teaching Faith!

From Teaching Faith web site:

Pastor Joseph A. Cortes has been rightly dividing the word of God since November 2005 when Faith Cometh By Hearing, a non-denominational ministry, was founded. Pastor Cortes spent 30 years under the ministry of the great theologian Dr. Gene Scott, in which 10 of those years he became Dr. Scott’s personal assistant in all areas of the ministry where he was instrumental in spreading Dr. Scott’s ministry and message across the United States. He is now preaching and teaching God’s word at Faith Cometh By Hearing ministries to a worldwide listening audience that seeks a stronger relationship with Christ than what is provided in most religious environments.

This ministry focuses on equipping the saints with the word of God, which for the most part has been voided and replaced by religious traditions. We believe that such traditions only produce Professing Christians instead of Faithing Christians, ones who develop a Faith warrior purpose. If you want to be a serious disciple of Christ, then we encourage you to keep listening and watching.

Addison's opinion about Joe Cortes:

First I have to tell you some sobering news. Dr. Scott's voice was silenced, and for good reason. Don't doubt God knows what He is doing. HE (God) took Doc away from us. Could be because Doc stumbled and lost focus, and God knew Doc would cause more harm than good to the message of the gospel, or that Doc's time was up and God wanted to raise up a new voice. I think it's a combination of both. WITHOUT A DOUBT Dr. Scott is to be honored as a great man of faith.

As for Melissa, my problem with her is that she betrayed Doc's wishes and basically STOLE the ministry by deception from the person Doc (in his right mind) intended to pass it to. In so doing she took over the vehicle and crashed it into complete disrepair. This is such a tragedy that the vehicle which went worldwide was carjacked. But again, God is in control.

Here's the good news: The person who should have gotten the keys? Well God gave him a new car to continue what Doc started. His name is Joe Cortes. Do yourself a great favor and confirm what I'm saying for yourself. Go to his website at www.teachingfaith.com Go immediately to the archives and start watching the series entitled "Last Days". Start with the first and make your way in sequence through all the messages. I can predict you will recognize the voice, and you might begin to understand why Dr. Scott was silenced.

Pastore Melissa Scott
The Beginning Of The End

It's a hard pill to swallow by those of us who fought in the trenches as Dr. Gene Scott took the Good News of the Gospel to the world, that Doc would stumble at the end of his ministry. Though he said many times to us that he was capable of doing just that. I do believe God's everlasting arms caught him, took him home, and left us with a hard lesson to learn as we all go forward to our own end.

Dr. Scott's anointing made him a lonely man all his life (Watch the film God's Angry Man below to hear him admit this.), in the end his loneliness got the better of him by way of Melissa Pastore. Satan surely saw and implemented the plan that could finally silence the voice God used in these last days to penetrate his  territory and  crush it asunder with the rock the builders rejected.

It seems no coincidence that immediately after Doc announced his marriage to Melissa, (seen above) only days passed when he was diagnosed with cancer. Though Doc has passed, the cancer of Melissa is still killing him.


100,000+ Hours Of 24/7/365 Teaching Archives GONE!

The day of Dr. Scott's death, Melissa gathered (Unannounced) in the studio chapel with 50 or so of the faithful that were drawing near, already on the premises, and those keeping a 24 hour prayer vigil for Doc. (I was there.) The mood was very somber, time seemed to have stood still as she told us all Doc had gone home. With the core of the church in her presence, all of us in our most vulnerable state, all of us giving her our complete trust, she claimed her rights to become the new pastor and president of the church.

In hindsight, I believe then and there Satan possessed her. (At least for the moment.) He/she had us in the palm of their hand, this was the moment of the power transfer, this was the moment the steering voice heard around the world was effectively muted.

This meeting seemed to last about a half hour, but it's really hard to say as time was not running in its norm. I do remember most of all the promises Melissa made to us, (I see it now as an evil twist and cunning ploy to win the hearts of the core.) she made it very clear as her first act, that she, (paraphrasing) "had already set up a trust fund to ensure that Dr. Scott's voice would never be silenced, but would remain washing the entire globe until Jesus comes." We all know now this was a deception and a lie. She knew it was THE ONE THING WE ALL WANTED TO HEAR. Just days afterward she would disconnect the teaching archives (That Doc made available for free) from Doc's web site. The excuse was because a "mass download" was detected of the archives. (Which begs the question: So what? They had always been available for download!) Five years later, she is still "protecting" the teachings from ever being heard again, and suing anybody that makes them available. BAH!

Los Angeles University Cathedral
The spiritual heart of the City of Angeles is now sold. Melissa Scott has sold out and continues to squander all the assets that Dr. Scott amassed to keep HIS VOICE going out to the world til' Jesus Comes. Apostasy!
Click here to see the new owners plan
for our Cathedral.


Oak Knoll Residence & Museum
The Pasadena Scott Mansion. Included on this property is a subterranean 2 story museum that was used to preserve Doc's Bible and Stamp Collections.

What will become of those most precious assets? They will be sold too when she needs the money to keep HER VOICE on the air!

The Fountain of Faith

Washing the Globe with the Word of God.
Faith Center, Glendale CA.
Go see it once more
its demolition and removal too!

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In 2012 I visited Doc's final resting place at the Sunset Mausoleum located in El Cerrito, California. I spent 20 minutes or so quietly reflecting on the precious memories I have of Dr. Scott and his parents "Mom and Pop Scott."

I've stood in "The Scott Room" on several occasions. The first time I saw the room it stood tall with 5 empty tombs stacked one on top of the other. I can remember thinking they would never be populated by its current occupants because in those days I was expecting Christ's return to call His saints home. The next time I stood in the room was with Doc, Mom Scott, and a few other guests in attendance to witness the entombing Pop Scott.

It had been my honor to be Mom & Pop's personnel security and driver for many years. I once asked them if they thought they would live to see the return of Jesus, Pop answered "no", Mom answered "yes". Now I wonder if I will.

The next time I stood in the room was on the Sunday of Dr. Scott's entombment. That day started at the Los Angeles University Cathedral where I watched Doc's memorial service from a balcony seat looking down on the stage and flowered draped coffin. After the service I went home with my family. About an hour later I received a phone call from my best friend ( a staff member), who told me he was in a motorcade heading for the mausoleum with Dr. Scott's remains. I quickly packed an overnight bag and jumped in my car in the hopes of making it in time to witness Doc's entombment.

I left home in the late afternoon and headed north. I'll never forget the mixed emotions of driving into the sunset as it started to sprinkle lightly adding a rainbow to the horizon. I just couldn't help but wonder if the motorcade (being at least 2 hours in front of me) was washed as I was in what seemed to me as God's mood lighting. It was truly awesome and I was blessed by it.

By the time I reached the Grapevine on Interstate 5, "God's mood" was changing. That light sprinkle was turning into a very ominous thunderstorm. The clouds snuffed out what remained of the sunset and darkness fell with a fury of heavy rain, wind, and lightning that quickly became a 2 hour battle of faith and will to continue my high-speed chase of the motorcade. By the time I got to the Bay area I had driven out of the storm. As it turned out, I arrived at the mausoleum just 10 minutes behind the motorcade. I parked and ran up the hill to the doors of the mausoleum. When I entered I could see Doc's coffin just being rolled into the building and beginning its final short journey to the "Scott Room" flanked by 20-30 staff and guests that had made the trip. Leading the way was Melissa Scott and my friend (who had called me) to her side, I took up the space on her other side and we all quietly led the procession to Doc's final resting place.

I will always be grateful for God's grace and gift of allowing my presence and participation in that most final moment of Dr. Scott's earthly journey, and my journey with him that started nearly 30 years earlier. Praise God.



Doc's picture had been added since I was last here in 2005. The 3 pictures sit behind a glass window to protect them from dust and theft.


The "Scott Room" the day after Doc's entombment

The "Scott Room"
as of my visit in 2012

Dr. Scott - Mom Scott - Pop Scott

I was pleased to see Dr. Scott's baby brother and sister's remains had been relocated to
the "Scott Room".

I believe their original tombstone now adorns the cover of their place just under their Mother.

Sunset Mausoleum
141 Colusa Ave, El Cerrito, CA
(510) 526-6212
Click here for Google Map Directions

Finding the "Scott Room"
Enter the mausoleum building seen here. Turn left at the first long hall. Walk to the very end to find the entrance of the "Scott Room"
on your right.



Saving Dr. Scott's Life!  

Many people didn't know that Dr. Scott had a rarely issued Concealed Weapons permit in California. He was usually armed when in public, and he would often slip me a handgun to carry while I was with him. Thank goodness I never had the occasion to use it. But, I can say that I did save Doc's life onetime that I know of for sure. I actually saved Dr. Scott from killing himself!

One afternoon I was doing security at Doc's Silver Oaks Ranch compound in Bradbury Ca. Doc was enjoying walking through the horse barns and watching the trainers work the show horses in the large riding ring  just in front of the main barn and office facility overlooking the outdoor practice ring. As it happened, I was tailing Doc from a respectable distance, just keeping on eye on him. At one point he was walking down the middle of the barn isle and instead of going into the office, he decided to sit down in one of directors chairs that lined the center wall of that barn isle. I stood opposite him against the office side of the barn isle wall, and we watched various horses passing between us being put through their paces up and down the barn isle.

All of a sudden (during an idle moment when no one was around), Doc's chair gave way underneath him sending straight down to the ground landing in kind of an Indian sitting position atop the broken chair. It happened so fast, and left us both startled and staring at each other for a few milliseconds, then Doc burst out with a loud laugh, which relaxed my progress toward him, and I started laughing. In that instant a look of fear and panic fell across Doc's face that I'll never forget. His face began to turn blue as he wasn't able to draw a breath back in after the outburst of his laugh. He started to struggle, he was stuck and couldn't even raise his head, or his arms up for me to pull him up. I had to yank him forward to break the invisible hold that seemed to be restraining him and choking him to death!

Sucking in a life giving breath, Doc's face began turning back to flesh color, and I got him to his feet. After gaining his composure a bit, he explained to me what he felt happened. It seems when he fell to the ground in that awkward sitting position he was actually locked up and trapped in the frame of the chair that also had him rocked backed against the wall pressing his chin into his chest and cutting off his air supply. It wasn't until I had yanked him forward that he was able to breathe in. He told me he would've died right there and then if I hadn't been there to save him. It scared him, and it scared me. I remember him being in a state of shock for several minutes as he was grasped by the reality, and was muttering how easily he could've died that day. Of course God gets the glory of saving Doc that day. I'll forever be grateful he gave me such an honor.

I don't know if he ever told anyone about that incident, but I can tell you, after that day, he started to diet and get in shape. I'm guessing he never wanted to break another chair just by sitting in it.....

When I got the call to start my Pastoral Internship with Dr. Scott I was assigned to work at the Sunset Ridge broadcast station located at the top of one of the local San Bernardino mountains. This meant being driven up in a four wheel drive vehicle and dropped off with one other operator for 2-4 week stints and pulling alternating 12 hour shifts switching between and playing commercials and the programming for various TV preachers that rented time on Ch. 30. For many of the programs that meant turning the satellite dish to various satellites in order to pick up Dr. Scott for his time, and other TV Ministries at other times. 

I did this for about 6 months before one day off I went to the studio in Glendale to participate in that evenings Festival of Faith. It was on this night I got Doc's attention for the first time. Well, not exactly. Actually the first time I got his attention was when I was on the job at Sunset Ridge and "accidently" happened to have turned the dish toward an adult channel that I was "accidently" watching while I was working my shift. When it came time to make a switch from the on air programming to a commercial reel, I popped in the tape and accidently (really accidently) hit the wrong button letting the Triple XXX Adult programming broadcast to an audience watching Christian programming! In a panic I started hitting buttons switching between Pastor Glen Chambers and a bi-racial couple in full close-up doggie-style action. Needless to say I figured that was the end of my Pastoral Internship. Instead I got a call from Joe Shackleford, Doc's Chief Engineer at the time, telling me Doc fell on the floor in hysterics when told about what I had just done. Doc's message to me was simply "Don't watch that Adult channel when working an air shift."

Okay, so the 2nd time I got Doc's attention was at Festival one night. I was sitting in Master Control watching the show being produced for my first time. During a song break, I could see (watching Doc on the set from the monitors in the control room) Joe Shackleford approaching Doc on the set and speaking to him. Shortly after I was called to the set. I was stopped standing in the doorway of the set and Doc took a long look at me. Standing a full 6'6" tall, I filled the entire doorjamb from top to bottom. I was then released back to the control room, and when Shackelford returned he told me my days on the mountain top were over. Doc wanted me around in case he needed me for his security. As time went on I had many occasions to protect Dr. Scott at various functions including most every horseshow he attended. (See picture of me helping Doc get his "Freedom Stick" lit at the Santa Barbara Show grounds).

Throughout the years I (and others working with me) intervened and got between Doc and people that would approach him uninvited. They ran the gambit from over zealous fans, other celebrities, Statesmen and women,  nuts, crazies and demon possessed, to process servers (who we had a particular not-so-friendly response too).


The Nitro Pills: Every year Dr. Scott would be sure to fit in several classic sermons to include his famous "Proof of the Resurrection" Easter message. The other sermons were known as "The Nitro Pills". So named because like those with a heart condition would make sure to always have in their possession a few nitro pills in a container in case they needed one, Doc wanted these messages always available for those times in our Christian walk that found our "Spiritual Hearts"  needing a quick fix.
Click on the titles below
          to read the one you need today!


Never Quit!
On rare occasions Dr. Scott would sign autographs, particularly when he would throw a party or banquet for King's House's to attend. I went to many of these events including the Chasen's Banquet in 1985 titled "A Testimony to a Teacher" at $5,000 a plate. It was at this event Doc revealed his long time love of Philately with a large exhibit of his medal winning collections.  Doc was in great humor that night and was commiserating one-on-one with the attendees. I managed to get Doc, Mom, and Pop to sign the inside cover of my event memorial book which each attendee had waiting for them at their assigned seat and table. Doc's "signature" autograph usually included the phrase "Never Quit!" as seen here. Words he lived by, and words all Christian's should live by.


Downtown With Huell Howser-Church of the Open Door

If you visit the high rise at 550 South Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles, you might not know the rich history of that address or why there is a small memorial to the Church of the Open Door in the entrance to the building. Members of the church come back to share with Huell the seventy year history of that spot and explain the memorial. We’ll also visit the fabled “Jesus Saves” sign that once graced the roof of the original church in it’s new location and go to the site of the new Church of the Open Door in Glendora.




Full Gospel Fellowship

Scott was voted vice president of the fledgling "Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International", of which his father was a member, and later served as its president from October 1975 to July 1984.

Faith Center

In 1975, while serving his Oroville ministry, Scott was approached to serve as a financial consultant for the forty-five-year-old "Faith Center" church in Glendale, California, by its then pastor and founder, religious broadcaster Ray Schoch.

Faith Center owned four broadcast stations, which included KHOF-TV channel 30 in San Bernardino, California, KHOF-FM 99.5 in Los Angeles, California, KVOF-TV channel 38 in San Francisco, California, and WHCT channel 18 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Los Angeles University Cathedral

In 1989, Scott was approached by Bruce Corwin, then president of Miracle on Broadway and Chairman of the Metropolitan Theatres Corporation to restore the United Artists flagship theater in downtown Los Angeles.

In 1990, Scott and his congregation moved their Sunday service to the building now called the "Los Angeles University Cathedral". According to the Los Angeles County Recorder's office and North American title report, Scott acquired ownership of the cathedral through his entity, Westcott Christian Center, in December 2002. Both the Cathedral and the neon "Jesus Saves" signs are designated historic monuments.

The "Dr. Gene Scott Bible Collection" of Bibles, books, and manuscripts is housed at the Los Angeles University Cathedral.

University Network

In 1975, Scott began a series of broadcasts, which resulted in the creation of the University Network. By 1983, the University Network was broadcasting his sermons twenty-four hours a day via satellite to the United States and Canada, as well as to much of Mexico and the Caribbean. By 1990, his network was available to 180 countries, and by 1992 his sermons were being broadcast in several languages on AM, FM, and short-wave radio.

Drawing from nearly thirty years of recorded programming, Scott's radio, satellite and television ministry continues to be broadcast although on different stations and at different times.

Broadcasting presentation

During two and a half years following Scott's passing, his surviving wife and successor Melissa Scott has purchased many hours of time over broadcast, cable, and satellite television for the presentation of 1-hour programs of his messages from his later years, as well as many recent lectures done by herself from the Los Angeles University Cathedral. Still available are the 24 hour a day satellite, Internet, short-wave radio broadcasts, carrying the raw network feed, featuring 30 years of Scott's recorded teachings.

Other activities

Scott's interests and memberships included:

* Los Angeles Central Library Save the Books telethon
* Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and one of its founding directors
* Member, Board of "Rebuild L.A."
* Member, Philatelic Foundation of New York


Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, but declined surgery and chemotherapy. Four years later conventional treatments were implemented but were not effective at stopping the metastatic cancer. Complications of the cancer and treatments set in, leading to heart failure, fluid in the lungs, and abnormal blood clotting; all of which Scott described to his congregation during several months of continued live broadcasts.

A few days before his death, Scott experienced a stroke, and then he signed papers to transfer powers and assets to his wife, Melissa Scott. Eugene Scott then lapsed into a coma in Glendale Adventist Hospital.

Scott suffered a fatal stroke and was pronounced dead at 4:30 p.m. PST on Monday, February 21, 2005.

Scott in culture

Clips from one of his on-air fund drives were used in the Cabaret Voltaire recording Sluggin' for Jesus.

Scott is depicted in the 1980 documentary God's Angry Man, directed by Werner Herzog.

William euGene Scott, also known as Dr. Gene Scott (and sometimes styled w. euGene Scott), (August 14, 1929 - February 21, 2005), was a United States pastor and teacher who served for almost 50 years as an ordained minister and religious broadcaster in Los Angeles, California. In 1975, he began nightly live broadcasts, and eventually satellite broadcasts extended his services and talk shows to many countries. Scott became known for his stage persona as much as his preaching skills. On stage with him were always several chalkboards or dry-erase boards which he would fill with scriptural passages in the original Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic as he preached, discussing the nuances of biblical languages and their interpretations. During his live fundraising broadcasts, he would stare into the camera and order viewers to "Get on the telephone!", successfully raising $1 million a month. His charitable activities included raising money for the Los Angeles Public Library and the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena.

Early life and career

Gene Scott was born in Buhl, Idaho. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957 and subsequently served as an ordained minister for almost 50 years. During his career, Scott served as a traveling Teacher for the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, the president of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International for nine years and, for a combined total of 35 years, as the pastor for the Protestant Wescott Christian Center and Faith Center. For the last fifteen years of his ministry Scott held weekly Sunday Bible teaching services at the Los Angeles University Cathedral in Los Angeles, California.

In 1975, Scott was elected pastor of Faith Center, a 45-year old church of congregational polity in Glendale, California. Faith Center Broadcasting Network was the first Christian television station and the first to provide 24 hour Christian programming. Scott added a nightly live television broadcast to the network called the Festival of Faith.

In 1983, the University Network began broadcasting the first 24 hour-a-day religious television network via satellite to North America and much of Mexico and the Caribbean. Affiliate television and radio stations broadcast Scott's services and nightly teachings.

Over the years, Scott wrote and published some 20 books. Three books have been released (as of 2008), including the first volume of "The Pulpit" that will track every Sunday message preached since his arrival at Faith Center in 1975.

He was also an artist, painting well over 1000 watercolors, acrylics or oils, a philatelist, an equestrian, and a philanthropist.

Assemblies of God

Although an agnostic while attending Stanford University, he came to a strong faith in Jesus Christ while earning his Ph.D. in 1957. He then taught at Evangel College (now Evangel University), then assisted Oral Roberts in establishing Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Scott eventually joined the Assemblies of God, a Pentecostal denomination and served overseas in the mission field for several years.

Scott showed disdain for other religious broadcasters like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart and bristled when people referred to him as a "televangelist", preferring to be regarded as a teacher and pastor.

Wescott Christian Center

In 1970, Scott resigned his Assemblies of God credentials in good standing and formed Wescott Christian Center with his father, a pastor in Oroville, California. Later, Scott was elected Pastor by a unanimous vote of the church board of "Faith Center" in Glendale, California. His father, known as "Pop Scott" and his mother, known as "Mom Scott" assisted him at his new church.

Wescott Christian Center is the titleholder to the Los Angeles University Cathedral, other church properties and bank accounts, according to County records. Upon Scott's passing all assets and copyrights transferred to his wife, Melissa Scott.


The Freedom Of Speech Network is owned and operated by The Promised Land Community Church. It's comprised of an ever growing private collection of biblical and political topic web sites aimed at proving our First Amendment right to Free Speech and Religious Assembly.




May 2013 Update: I launched this site in 2007, shortly after I was exposed to the "Real" Melissa Pastore-Scott
and her true intentions. Throughout 2007 and 08, I would occasionally edit and tweak the site as I was still paying attention to the goings on of Melissa's "ministry" and the obliteration of Doc's. Eventually I just lost interest in monitoring Doc's 2nd slow death.

The site you're seeing today has a lot of new materials I recently came across when looking through a bunch of stored boxes I packed up when I moved to New Mexico in 2008. I've added to the original opinions that I wrote here in 2007, some of the findings, several new sections, and many new stories and memories from my time spent with Doc.

Looking back over the last 8 years since Doc's home-going, it's still a wonder to me how the Devil so ultimately eradicated Doc's voice and ministry. As I mentioned here in previous writings, I'm at peace with the fact that God not only let it happen, but fanned the flames for reasons I've also communicated on this website.

Nevertheless, I often wonder how different it should have been, how Doc expected it to be, and how Melissa really "Screwed the pooch" on this one.

When I was looking through all my old "Doc Stuff",  I came across a letter/proposal Melissa asked me to prepare for her regarding my thoughts of how to use the Internet to promote the ministry going forward under her watch. Maybe I'll share the letter one day, but for now I'll just relay how excited I was for the future of Faith Center / World Wide University Network. In the opening statement I used the phrase "I know that promoting yourself is the last thing you want to do."  which shows my na´vetÚ of Satan's intentions for the new "Pastore Scott". 

I'll tell you, (in short) I expected Melissa to use her worldliness and beauty to stop the onlookers in their tracks long enough to get their attention and expose them to Doc's teachings. I told her how easy it would've been for her as opposed to the length Doc had to go to with his hats, cigars, salty language, horses, and his head filling the entire frame of any TV tuned to his program. I mean after all that's what Doc used her and all the "Belles of St. Gene" for. AND IT WORKED!

Instead, Melissa decided to "Cover Up" herself and her past, and reinvent as some sterile gray buttoned-up and boring self crowned "Domata" using Doc to beat down the old guard into submission, and into supporting her while she built a new guard that would never know who Dr. Gene Scott was, or hear his teachings.

I'd like to think one day Melissa will "Snap-out-of-it" and she probably will once all the money is gone along with Doc's ministry and voice. In other words, when Satan's through with her. Of course I would expect Melissa would say a similar epitaph about me. So pray for us both just in case. - Addison B. Bachman


Why He's Disappearing From History

Do You Know Who Dr. Gene Scott Is? No? You Can Thank Pastor Melissa Scott Or Maybe Even God Himself!

Dr. Gene Scott was the preacher on TV that Smoked cigars, Cussed, Saxophoned, and just plain shoved the wealth of God's blessings in the face of traditional Christianity. All backed by TWO Stanford University Ph.D.'s He was unarguably, the greatest Christian Apologist since St. Paul, Martin Luther and C.S. Lewis COMBINED! IMHO

I began watching Doc in 1978,  becoming a King's House 3 years later, going on staff as an intern in 1983, and remaining a long time employee and volunteer until 2007, I can speak from the inside looking out. I was there during the Christine Shaw years and her demise. That disaster (and near fatal blow to Doc's ministry), eventually led Doc to find what he called his "Last Ride". Doc, (As he put it.) set out to "kick the tires" on many of the best "New Models" offered in the mid nineties.


New Year's Eve party with Doc and Christine Shaw

So what does this have to do with Melissa? EVERYTHING!

First of all, Melissa was one of the many "New Models" and was eventually "hand-picked" by Doc after a lengthily test drive and a thorough throttling. We all had a lot of fun in those days watching Doc make every preacher drool with envy (Especially those married to some old dried-out church lady!), by televising string-bikini clad Melissa Pastore, and a bevy of other gorgeous women dancing, roller skating, bike riding, swimming, and vying for Doc's attention in all manner of ways.

We ALL witnessed Doc really falling in love with Melissa, and for good reason. She was absolutely a breath of fresh air to him. I remember the day well when Doc made it clear that Melissa was the one. He used me (I was camera one operator) on the studio set to make the point very clear! That's a story for another day...

Snapping back to the present state of Doc's ministry begs the question: What The Hell Happened?

The Answer:

Melissa Pastore Became Pastor Melissa!

For nearly 30 years Satan could not silence the voice of Dr. Gene Scott emanating from Faith Center and crisscrossing the entire globe. In just a few years after his death, the "love of his life" practically erased him and his life's work from Christian history!


Where is His Voice and Message Now?

Has Doc's message: "Saved by Grace, Kept by Faith" (that he left for the whole world) been HIJACKED by Satan himself! Once again using a woman (no offence ladies...) to deliver it to him? If so....

This time, her name is Melissa!

As a long time member, pastor's intern, employee, eyewitness and occasional confidant to Dr. Gene Scott, I, Addison B. Bachman, will testify before God and the world that I believe "Pastor Melissa Scott" was ordained by Dr. Scott, live from the set of Kings House II. I believe he ordained her and trusted her to keep HIS voice going around the world till Jesus comes.

Anybody who watched Doc knows for nearly 30 years he promised HIS voice would be heard 24 hours a day after he died. He oft said "Til Jesus Comes!" Under his direction the church amassed a great fortune all to be used for that future date of his passing, to keep HIS voice on the air perpetually.  Not long before his passing he recanted a conversation (From the set at King's House II) he had with Melissa while driving to his parents vacation home in Lake Almanor, California. I've provided the transcript below. I wish you all could hear it for yourselves. The excitement in his voice would bring tears to the eyes of the faithful. Indeed I believe this is his Last Will & Testament.

The Proof Text of what he ordained Melissa to do.



"Give me 300..... I listened as I drove north to my parents home a few weeks ago and I'm spinning through the dial because my car has a thing on the steering where I can just change channels without even taking my hands off the steering wheel. I heard a voice for about 3 minutes, and I was locked in. And I listened and my wife listened, and we we're drinking it in. And then I heard, and I said "I know that voice", then I heard him make a reference to something that he and Mrs., he and his wife which he referred to as Mrs. McGhee, and I said "That's It!" What an encouragement. How long has J. Vernon McGhee been dead? And he's preaching through the book of Thes and I said "That proves it to me baby!" (as I looked to my wife) When you've got the message the voice is eternal it doesn't matter that he's dead he's preaching the word not some cockimaney off centered attitude. Pouring it out. No wonder some 3000 people would gather at the Church of the Open Door at the middle of the week to listen to him teach. He's still alive. I don't know how many languages and how many countries he goes through the Bible on 'Through The Bible with J. Vernon McGhee' on radio stations
around the world.
This ministry will go on if
I get my Gideon Band."

What could be more important than keeping the Good News of the Gospel Going Around the World as your number one priority? Doesn't everything else come second to that stewardship and blessing?

Melissa has turned on her calling and her husband by believing the "Press" Doc used to pour on her, and is now getting from the "Christian Sector" leaders that are reeling her in. She elevated her Ordination from a Trustee Of Dr. Scott's Message to a position of Prophet/Domata.

Keeping Doc's shoes polished was her calling and PROMISE TO HIM.
Stepping into them was NOT!

She reduced Dr. Scott's message to, in her own words, "Like Moses, He (Dr. Scott) served his generation well." All of us KH's and KT's are that generation, the last generation!

She says:
ow is the time for unity of all the churches, through ME, the pastor's Pastor,
the Matriarch of the Church"

Armed with the delusion of inheriting the Prophet/Domata title, our "new Pastor" began a systematic deconstruction of Doc's ministry.


Bringing down the worldwide reach, removing all Dr. Scott's teachings from the Internet site, replacing her name on all Doc's messages, selling all the assets to promote HER VOICE, and then sleeping with TBN and the like. It was a beautifully evil conceived implosion.
   A Wind-Sweeping!

Melissa on the TBN set

Here's the real tragedy of lost opportunity. Melissa's "new awakening" made her want to put on a fig leaf to cover her nakedness! She is now being led straight to the vomit of "Traditional Christianity" that Doc, (and we all) railed against, and shoved in the face of Lucifer 24 hours a day! Her new "wisdom" decided and declared the Old Doc was insulting, crazy, impotent (literally) , used up, offensive and just plain wrong about so much he taught and preached. His "irreverence" towards traditional Christianity had to stop. Only then could SHE bring all the churches into unity! It just makes chills go down my spine to think of!

Few would deny, (And I'll admit) that I had been one of her strongest supporters. From the "Belles of St. Gene" days to 2 1/2 years of her ministry post Doc. I'm the one who originally purchased, (and eventually donated) built, and promoted www.pastormelissascott.com (along with about 20 other domain names) to the number one position of most every search engine on the Internet! (At one time we held the first 18 search results on Google for the term Dr. Gene Scott.) Yes, it's my fault, and I'm not really sure if I should be sorry or happy. (I'll explain more on that statement down below)

After witnessing her broadcast on 11/02/2007 where she pronounced "The Gospel IS NOT Free" and  "Ministers and preachers come to my church to sit at my feet and learn the word", it became abundantly clear that Melissa is delusional at minimum. I don't say that lightly in lieu of what we Christians profess to believe. We all are judged by the world as being delusional going out the gate by worshiping Jesus Christ as the Resurrected Son of God. But, Melissa has succumbed to power and pride. You must separate yourself long enough to take a good hard look at the evidence.

Do you think it's impossible for her to have been possessed? I don't know if she is or not, but if you can't even imagine the possibility, then you're screwed.

The very last words screamed at me by Melissa Scott were: "I'm tired of this F---ing church, I don't care about this F---ing church, I'm ready to shut this F---ing church down!"  Maybe one day I'll tell what prompted her to scream this profane and seemingly blasphemous statement at me. Be assured it had to do with keeping Doc's voice and message going out to all the world. But let me tell you one thing for sure, I believed her. Her words have all proven to be true. Doc's church has been shut down, the voice has been silenced. With that said, I make this one simple  plea to Melissa Scott:    
       Remove the FIG LEAF!

Let your hair down, pick up your cigarette habit, show some cleavage, wear the red lipstick,
and let the REAL YOU! return Doc's
preaching of the

Keep Saying - "UP YOURS WITH A
to the traditions of
Satan's "Christian Church!"

That's the VISION!


Now I must admit - In the long run, our fight is surely not with Melissa Scott. I can only think God is in control. We'll never know in the present what the world lost by Melissa's actions. But I know we can't condemn her (Leaving open the possibility of a repentance back to her calling), recognizing that it's entirely possible she is doing exactly what God wants her to do for now. In fact, I tend to believe it's true. I'll tell you why.....

The moment I heard Doc had passed, I had what I can only call a vision. Never had one before, or since. But I remember it as vividly today as then. I saw (In my mind) two events: (1) A great fireworks display in the heavens. I knew this was the celebration of Dr. Scott's entrance into eternity. (2) I saw a great tree laden with fruit. All the fruit fell to the ground simultaneously. I knew these were all Doc's students, fully ripened, separated from the teacher to do what they had been equipped to do.

Level with yourselves and really take stock in what  you think and say out loud and in agreement with others. Do you say "These are the Last Days", do you believe the Rapture could be any moment? Do you see all the tumult around the world? Do you see Antichrists and false prophets coming to the scene in the Middle East? Are you answering yes? Yeah, me too.

Fret not, Dr. euGene Scott's legacy will be praised and honored throughout eternity, along with all the Saints.  But now it's time to be doers of the word and not forever students of the word.  Dr. Scott's students have been equipped and made ready for the fight. Trained by the "Patton" of God's command. You are battle experienced, covered in scar tissue and know the last fight of "The Church" is to resist Satan and his forces. Now get on the battlefield until that Trumpet Blows calling the Saints to Come Marching In!

May God Bless And Keep Us All Secure In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ! - Addison B. Bachman Email


Dr. Scott oft taught about "The Promises" God made to the House of Israel in the Old Testament, to include Jesus being born of the Tribe of Judah through the Line of David. He was fascinated by the ways in which God moved, steered, and intervened with Israel to keep His word. One of my favorite analogies Doc used was that of a beautiful tapestry woven by God. The front would be the finished whole picture, but turned over it looks like a jumble of different color threads, but one could spot and follow one single "Red" thread flowing from top to bottom. That thread was God's handiwork keeping His promises through time.

Many times Doc mentioned how he once took the time to research all the promises God had made. He did a study on the subject, and that study became the foundation of what would become one of Doc's most interesting teaching subjects. "The Lost Tribes of Israel".

During the years I was assigned to protect and serve "Mom and Pop" Scott, Pop had asked me to clean out the clutter in the garage of their Glendale home. [Speaking of Mom & Pop's garage reminds me when I would pick them up on Sunday morning's to take them to church. They exited the house through the garage by opening it with the automatic opener. Every Sunday Pop would wait in the garage for me to get Mom in the car, then he would press the garage door button and run out ducking under the closing door just in the nick of time!]

"Pop" Scott and me in the driveway of his Glendale home. We're about to go for a drive in my Corvette. He bugged me until I gave in, and he wanted to drive it, but "Mom" Scott wouldn't allow it!

As I was cleaning that day I came across two copies of Doc's actual schematic chart that he had made outlining his findings of "The God Promises". One of them was rolled up and stored in a handmade tube-like paper wrapper, and the other was folded up and stored in a handmade paper envelope. (You will see Doc had prepared these copies specifically for his parents.) I showed the treasure to "Mom and Pop" and to my surprise they told me to keep them! Years later I framed the large copy and gave it to Doc for his birthday. I kept the smaller version for myself.

Once in a while I go through all the stuff I collected over the years of working for Doc. I love looking at this chart and it's envelope knowing Doc actually created it on a typewriter back in days before the PC, when "Cut and Paste" really meant cutting and pasting things together!

Below are two thumbnail images that when clicked will give you actual size images. The chart is hard to read, but you can make out the words. Maybe one day I'll have the chart scanned in high-res for easier reading.

I hope you enjoy looking at what I think is a priceless peek into the mind of Dr. Gene Scott.

Handmade envelope       

"The God Promises"


God's Angry Man Film
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Directed by Werner Herzog
Starring Gene Scott
Release date(s) 1980
Running time 43 minutes
Language English

God's Angry Man is a 1980 documentary film about Gene Scott, directed by Werner Herzog. The film was produced for television.

The film consists of footage of Scott on the set of his television program Festival of Faith and interviews with Scott and Scott's parents conducted by Herzog. The footage from Scott's television program focuses almost exclusively on his fundraising efforts and an elaborate rant against the FCC. Scott at one point refuses to speak until his viewers pledge an additional $600. After a minute's silence, he yells angrily at the camera until a production assistant informs him that they had already received $700. Scott represents the FCC on his show by a cymbal-banging monkey toy.

Watch the film God's Angry Man Below.





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