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Dr. Gene Scott Ph.D
Stanford University



convention I was at where they sang that song “If you want joy, jump for it!”  Some jerk grabbed me and made me jump!  I’m a living testimony that it produced everything except joy!

You know what’s wrong with the Church today?  The average Church people, that’s never been to our Church that would attend

this Service, would feel uncomfortable because they heard Great

Balls of Fire and Georgia.  Well, the average sinner attending the average Church would feel uncomfortable—“from Pisgah’s stormy plains.”  Well that does something for you, doesn’t it, “from Pisgah’s stormy plains”?

Now Paul in the New Testament talked about the glossolalia.  Those Corinthians were more concerned about showing off their spiritual gifts than they were carrying out the commission.  He said if a stranger comes in, you’re talking in tongues all the time he’ll think you’re nuts.  The implication of that is we ought to not act in such a way that only this little cluster can understand the spiritual meaning thereof—we shouldn’t look like nuts.  The Word of God is the centerpiece of this Church, and by God’s grace I’ll keep preaching it in a way that people can understand it, which is more than can be said for most people.  The basic claim of the Church is God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, and the substance of God that no man had seen, to use John’s word ‘exegesis,’ ‘He moved from behind the curtain and put God on display’—struck a tent in human flesh, walked ordinary streets.  The religious people didn’t even recognize Him.  The religious people hated Him.  They called Him ‘a winebibber and a glutton.’  That wasn’t invented out of whole cloth.  He enjoyed His relationship. 

My Bible says Jesus was a friend of sinners.  Been a long time since I’ve noted that quality out of the Church.  And the ordinary


common people heard Him gladly.  He demystified....  I repeat, John said “No man has seen God but Christ hath declared him.”  The word is the word from which we get ‘exegesis,’ which is ‘to lead from behind a curtain and put on display.’  He displayed God in the streets of man and demystified it.  The Church has been trying to hurl it back out in space and the mark of spirituality is being above everybody—profound spiritual truths that only the stupid can understand.  Because they don’t understand it, they just think if it’s understandable it must be spiritual.  All that proves is you’re a poor shot.  So let me say again: We’re not trying to be just another church. 

I listen to these people dumping on rock n’ roll because they don’t have enough scholarly ability to find some new fount of truth from Scripture.  I can’t live long enough to mine the depths of this Book.  And if the devil’s gonna talk to you backwards on a rock n’ roll record, he ain’t much of a match.  The only time I ever heard a record played backwards is when our director did it one night after these guys played Heartbreak Hotel.  And for the life of me, if the devil was talking I couldn’t understand him, so he didn’t have much of a message.  Really something to fear: a devil who talks backwards on rock n’ roll.  I watched people from the jungles of Africa to the highlands of Brazil with music in their heart take their native music and express it in joy to God and then I see some provincial little wimp who can’t find a message get on some bandwagon of condemnation and I say “God, help us build this Church of sanity in the midst of all these idiots.”

So it’s always interesting to watch every Sunday here—those who come in that want to escape from the world and go through that sort of spiritual orgy where it’s ‘u-u-u-h, u-u-u-h, u-u-u-u-h!’  You

see, I grew up in that.  If I were like Paul, willing to boast
—if we were
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