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Mother's Day
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Dr. Gene Scott Ph.D
Stanford University




Mother’s Day



 have not been as faithful in the Cathedral as I was in other places to preach the seven messages that I preach every year.  This year I’ve been returning to that pattern.  And it’s Mother’s Day, so I return to the annual message that I have in booklet form.  The title is God Couldn’t be Everywhere?…So He Made Mothers!  I think there’s one on that lectern there if a camera wants to pick it up somewhere. 

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so He made mothers!”  It’s an old Jewish proverb.  I put a question mark behind it on the title because we know, when we think about it, that God can be everywhere.  That’s the doctrine of omnipresence.  And I see that somebody who reprinted it decided to change my question mark to an exclamation mark so that’s okay, but it’s a beautiful and wonderful thought.  “God couldn’t be everywhere, so He made mothers,” and perhaps an exclamation mark is proper because God can be everywhere by working through mothers with His Spirit.  In this book I have some statements about mothers.  Gonna read them again—probably gonna be new to a lot of you that have come to the family of King’s Houses since I last preached this. 

On the judgment day, the Recording

        Angel will forgive much to him who

        can say, ‘I never knew my mother.

—Charles Lamb


“All that I am my Mother made me.”
—John Quincy Adams
“The bravest battle that was ever fought;
Shall I tell you what and when?
  On the maps of the world you will
not find it, it was fought by the
mothers of men.”
—Juaquin Miller
“A mother is a Mother still the holiest
thing alive.”
“Men are what their Mothers make them.”
“To the soldier who falls on the battlefield,
we give bronze and tablet.
 But to a Mother, it is a battle without
 She wears no medals of a nation.
 Her badge is the furrowed lines upon
her face.”

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