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Fret Not
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Dr. Gene Scott Ph.D
Stanford University



command.  Three times it is given to put the emphasis to the end of the chapter where it says in Verse number 37, “The end of that man is peace.”

Now I can use this message—told you it’s for me—out of God’s Book.  I got up fretting this morning.  I’ve preached this message every year, except this year, for the last 12 years and it must need to be repeated because I still fret.  How do you get from here to here?  Let’s see.  Now, you know what the message’s about?  Let’s do it.

“Trust in the Lord.”  Now you’re gonna find there’s about four or five things that we’re told to do.  Now the trouble is getting it started.  Not a one of these things are beyond our ability to do it.  But you’re not gonna turn loose anymore than you can get current into the light unless you plug the cord in.  You will not turn loose God’s contribution to this movement from fretting to peace until we do the very few things I’m gonna outline—basic Christianity it is!  But I forget every year.  You ready?  You came to sit back and have the mystery of the ‘Whore’ unveiled.  And here I am with one of those work messages.  Well, you gotta follow me before God turns loose. You know the story.  This is typical Christianity: “Oh God, let me win the lottery!”  Week after week the guy prayed.  Here comes another import—comes into this country two weeks, wins another twenty million.  So you sit here and say, “God, it’s not fair!  Why don’t you let me win the lottery?”  Remember the story?  After several weeks God finally said, “Gimme a break, man.  Go buy a ticket!”  This is the ticket-buying part. 

One.  “Trust in the Lord.”  Ah, yeah!  Old stuff!  Well let’s just analyze that word for a minute.  There are only two words in the Old Testament original that’re translated ‘trust’ or ‘faith.’ You’ve been


over this with me.  One is to run to the shelter of a rock or to the shelter of a mother bird’s wings.  You can stand there all day while the threat is on you and you’re not trusting or having faith until you run to that rock or run to the shelter of the mother bird’s wings.  That’s action, friend.  Not just thinking about it—it’s action!  The other word is when you lean upon a staff and put your entire weight on it.  Those are the only two words in the Old Testament that are translated ‘trust’ or ‘faith.’  You go through every book, that’s it.  There is no word translated ‘trust’ or ‘faith’ that means creed or belief or even thinking about something.  You do not have what the Old Testament words translate into ‘faith’ or ‘trust’ until you’ve gone beyond belief and hung your body on that which the mind has agreed within an act conforming to what you have believed.  Run or lean! 

What’s the New Testament word for ‘faith’?  Huh?  The Greek—it’s an act, based upon belief, sustained by confidence.  Nothing ruined the Biblical meaning of faith and trust like the English language that has a verb ‘to believe’ that involves only the mind, when in every case, both the Old and New Testament, the word not only involves the mind, it involves the emotions at the level of confidence, and it involves the will in grabbing hold of the body and forcing it to hang itself on that which the mind has agreed to and the heart can believe in.  I can watch an airplane take off and know every single theory of aerodynamics and believe it’ll be airborne.  That is not faith.  That is not trust.  I’m not trusting, neither am I faithing, until I get in that plane, buckle on that seat belt, and hang my body on it.

              Now you say “I’ve heard that a thousand times.”  Well you’re luckier than most churches—“but I know that.”  You think I don’t know it?  I’ve heard it a thousand times.  But the fret takes over because the primary focus of my life….  And I forget it every damn week!  And when

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