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Dr. Gene Scott's Nitro Pill Series
Christ's Call to Courage
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Dr. Gene Scott Ph.D
Stanford University




Call To Courage




ell I’ve told this story before, but never at a more fitting time.  There’s a guy drivin’ a Model-T Ford across the panhandle of Texas, flat open spaces, and his car broke down—an ol’ Model-T.  He’s sitting there in the heat.  A big ol’ Texas cattleman in a big ol’ long black Cadillac came roaring down the road and he flagged him down.  Said, “I can’t get my little car started.  Would you help me?”  And the man said, “Sure, I’ll tow ya into the next town.  It ain’t too far down the road.”  So he hooked this big black Cadillac onto that little Model-T and took off down the road to tow him into the next little town.  Got to thinking about his problems and forgot about the Model-T.  He’s just roaring down the road.  Comes to the next little town, just roars right on through it, doesn’t even slow down.  And the cop in the little town called ahead to the next town.  He said, “There’s a big black Cadillac breaking every speed law roaring down the road fast as lightning.  You set up a roadblock and stop it in the next town.  But you ain’t gonna believe what I’m gonna tell ya next.  There’s a little ol’ Model-T behind him just honking like everything trying to get around.”  After the band, and that song, getting up here to preach I feel like that Model-T.  But God’s Word will clear the road.

           Well, I’m gonna start in Matthew, Chapter 9.  Remember I have messages I preach every year.  Since my heart attack last February of which I am fully recovered, I told you—I told you after my heart attack—and I date my life ‘before HA’ and ‘AHA’—I learned a new name for these annual messages: Nitro Pills.  Nitro pills,


people that have a potential heart problem carry nitro pills.  I never had one until the night of my heart attack and before the surgery they gave me a nitro pill and the relief from pain that it gave I now know why they’re carried.  Nobody cares about nitro pills except people that need them, but they are precious when you need them.  I don’t think I need them anymore, but just in case I’ve always got my nitro pills close by, even when I preach.  Somebody close by has my nitro pills.  These messages are like that.  There’s about 12 of them—used to be 7.  When you need them they’re ‘spiritual nitro pills.’  If you don’t need them just tune out, but try not to look like you’re tuned out.  Look like you’re on the floor and you’re saying, “Where’s my nitro pills?”  And this message is one of those.

I start in Matthew 9, 9:2.  “He entered into a ship,” speaking of Jesus, “and passed over, and came into his own city.  And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.”  The word is tharsei in the Greek, tharsei.  And in the same chapter, 22nd verse—and you can compare all the Gospels and you’ll find this story repeated and pick up all of the elements—a rich man, Jairus, has come to Him, pleads with Him.  His daughter’s near death.  Would he come?  Saying to Jesus “I know if you come and touch her she’ll be healed.”  Now I want you to get into the drama of these life and death circumstances.  The man of palsy—friends, in another account, have torn the roof off, tried to get through the crowd, and lowered him too sick to walk himself in front of Jesus, and in their view he needed healing.  And Jesus says something strange: “Be of good cheer,” the King James has it, “thy sins be forgiven thee.” 

Now He’s pulled at by this man Jairus.  “My daughter’s home;

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